Is there a common thread to the Middle East Crisis?

Workshop: Middle East Rebus

Rome, 3rd June 2014

The workshop on the Middle East is held by the Institute for Global Studies in partnership with the Middle East Research of Brussels and it will discuss on security and politics in that Region.

Is there a relation between the several crises in the Middle East? Is it correct to call them Arab Spring?

 Is it a conflict among the main confessions of Islam? Are the United States really interested to disengage from there?  Does the conflict still depend on oil?

These and many others will be the questions to which we will try to answer through the analysis of political, economic and social development  in the large area  common known as Middle East.

 Middle East workshop is aimed at all those are interested in exploring the political, economic, social and security topics in the Middle East

The meeting is free but it is necessary to sign in and it could accept 20 participants at least .

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