The creation of European Maritime Security Strategy (EUMSS) led to a revival of the role of the sea seen as a strategic and economical optimum area. The crucial role played by the sea in international politics, led to a redefinition of national security policies and of the Community.
The strategy adopted is used to define the risks and threats that the coastal Countries will face and the relative solutions. Most of them are already put in practice with previous projects or inserted in integrated security policy. What emerges from this document is the necessity of a joint policy to defend the European maritime domain.

In these last years, with the Arab spring, the role of the Mediterranean Sea has become of primarily importance in the definition of security policies to prevent the risk of terroristic infiltration and to stop the massive wave of migrants from Northern Africa. The task of the European Navies is to monitor the coasts, thanks to special missions and with the help of satellite data.

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European Maritime Security Strategy

The Italian Navy and the control of the Mediterranean borders

Maritime Surveillance and Information Sharing

Final considerations

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